Newsletter June/July 2024

Dear Members,

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the meeting. We have now concluded the 2023/2024 board year and started the new 2024/2025 board year. We would like to thank all the board members and the nomination committee for their excellent work over the past year, and welcome the newly elected members.

You can read the minutes from the meeting in their entirety here.

During the meeting, several motions and propositions were discussed and voted on. The full proposals can be read in the minutes. Below are the decisions made for each motion/proposition.

  • Proposition: Extra Waste Collection Charge
    • Decision: The board will further investigate whether it is legally possible to charge an individual member.
  • Proposition: Remove the Condominium Supplementary Insurance
    • The meeting unanimously decided to approve the board’s proposition.
  • Proposition: Remove Door Codes
    • The meeting decided with a majority of votes (14 yes and 12 no) to remove the door codes as proposed.
  • Motion: Defibrillator
    • The meeting unanimously decided to approve the board’s proposal to further explore the feasibility of having a defibrillator in the association’s property and assess its suitability.
  • Motion: Gates
    • The meeting unanimously decided to approve the board’s counterproposal that the installation of gates is not currently considered relevant.
  • Motion: Bike Racks for Children’s Bikes in the Bike Rooms
    • The meeting unanimously decided to approve the board’s proposal to investigate possible solutions and, if deemed appropriate, acquire such bike racks.
  • Motion: Bahnhof
    • The meeting unanimously decided to approve the board’s proposal to retain the existing agreement that the association is bound to.

Removal of Door Codes

In accordance with the decision at the meeting, all door codes will be removed starting from September 1st. This means that from September 1st, you will need to use a key or key fob to enter the building. The door codes will remain disabled until the intercoms are installed. Depending on the number of members in a household, you can purchase additional fobs and keys. If you need these, please contact the board.

Removal of the Condominium Supplementary Insurance

In accordance with the decision at the meeting, the condominium supplementary insurance will be removed. The current supplementary insurance provided by the association will remain valid until November 30, 2024. Starting December 1, 2024, you will need to arrange your own supplementary insurance. We will send out more information about this after the summer.

Clarification Regarding Fee Increase

The fee increase will take effect from August 1st as previously announced. However, this increase was unfortunately not reflected in the issued invoices. Therefore, the fee increase will be charged retroactively and will be shown on the upcoming invoices. As a tip, it is advisable to set aside money for the increase now to avoid any noticeable impact from the retroactive payment.

New Door Codes:

Starting from July 4th, all door codes will be changed. Just like last time, you can access the new codes via Detailed instructions can be found in the April newsletter.

OVK (Mandatory Ventilation Inspection) for House B

After the summer, there will be a mandatory ventilation inspection (OVK) for House B. OVK is required for all residences and is mandated by the municipality. More information will be provided later this summer for those affected.

Facade Work

Facade work will begin on the property during Week 31. This will continue for approximately 4-6 weeks but may be extended if issues arise. Scaffolding will be erected, and some balconies will need to be accessed, primarily via the scaffolding but also through apartments. All affected residents will be notified separately. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the board.

Information from the Municipality:

A new letter from the municipality is now available to read here.

We hope you have a fantastic summer!