Newsletter January 2024

Dear members, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Now we start a new year with new opportunities 🙂

TV and Internet:

We have prepared a new document clarifying the responsibilities regarding TV and broadband delivery, as well as what you can do if you encounter issues. You can find the document here.

Waste Disposal Units:

We have received information from Järfälla municipality regarding waste disposal units. Due to new EU directives, waste disposal units are no longer allowed. Järfälla municipality is currently applying for a dispensation, which, if granted, will be valid for 2 years. At the moment, there is no action required on our part. We are monitoring the situation and will provide updates if more information becomes available.

Recycling Rooms:

Recently, there has been a recurrence of disorder in the recycling rooms. We want to remind everyone that a few years ago, we had to close the recycling rooms because too many people were not following the rules. We do not want to find ourselves in that situation again. Since then, the association has installed cameras and revoked access for members who have violated the rules.

Therefore, we want to remind everyone that it is NOT allowed to leave waste on the floor or fill the bins in a way that causes waste to spill when moved. If the rooms are full, you should either wait until the next emptying or go to the nearest recycling station. Emptying occurs regularly, and you can check the emptying schedule in each recycling room. If the waste rooms become overloaded, the association incurs fines, affecting the association’s finances. Failure to comply with the rules will result in suspension from using the recycling rooms.

All rules for recycling rooms can be read in full on our website. Please review them to ensure that your waste management is in compliance and to avoid being temporarily suspended from using the waste sorting facilities. You can read the rules here.

Installations and OVK (Ventilation Inspection):

An OVK has been conducted at Karlslundsvägen 18 to investigate the poor ventilation in the building. It was discovered that a previous resident had replaced the kitchen fan, creating an imbalance in the entire system. It is not allowed to replace installations in the apartment that may impact other systems, as illustrated in the above example. If you plan to make changes at home, please check with us in the board first to ensure that you are not doing something that will need to be redone later.