Message from The Nomination Commitee


We will shortly hold the annual meeting in our housing cooperative Brf Barkarby Metropol. The meeting will take place end of may/beginning of june. The Nomination Committee is therefore looking for candidates to our board. The board is elected once a year by the members and has, among other things, been commissioned to: Manage our finances and estates, overlook and negotiate contracts and also make sure our by-laws are followed.

It’s crucial to have a good, competent, and stable board. Therefore, it’s important that we as members engage ourselves in the cooperative and you can really make a difference by joining the board. We are looking for you who are committed, like stability and structure, and want to create and contribute to a good environment for us to live in.

If you want to get involved but don’t have much time, the nomination committee is a good alternative. Committed people are also wanted here!

If you have any questions about the work or anything else, don’t be afraid to contact us.

Send your application to and include the following.

You can apply up until the 15th of April

  • Contact info: Name, address, phone number
  • Occupation (this to get a diverse board as possible and to detect certain skills that the board is in need of)
  • A presentation of yourself and what your contributions could be
  • Previous experience or competence that could benefit the cooperative and the board. It could be both professional and non-professional

We are looking forward to your application!

Best Regards,

The nomination committee