Newsletter December 2 2023

Dear Members,

The new year is approaching rapidly, so here comes an extra newsletter before the year-end.

Fee Increases:

We apologize for the late notice, but for the year 2024, the fee will be increased by 6% to cover the rising costs associated with inflation. For reference, we are keeping it relatively low, as the average according to HSB is 16%, and many associations have seen increases between 30-40%.

Apartment Heating:

With winter approaching, it is common to feel cold in the apartments. In some cases, it may be a fault in the apartment, while in others, it could be a perception of cold. We have prepared a document that you should review if you feel that your apartment is too cold. Please note that if you submit a report and it turns out that the temperature is within the acceptable limits, you will be responsible for the cost of the investigation. You can read more here for instructions on how to proceed.

Uppdate on Bahnhof:

We have had a dialogue with Bahnhof regarding the extent of the issues related to TV and broadband connectivity. The feedback we received indicates that only a few individuals have reported problems. As it stands, we cannot take actions at the board level as we haven’t received sufficient information. Therefore, it is crucial that everyone experiencing issues submits error reports. If you’ve reported a problem but it has been a while, please report it again to ensure they don’t assume the issue is resolved.

Electricity Prices:

Now that we are in the colder months, electricity prices often rise. Here’s a reminder of how electricity prices work. We can think of the entire association as one house with hourly rates. At the end of the period, we calculate an average price based on when electricity was used. You will be charged for your consumption multiplied by the average price. Therefore, we all need to work together to keep the average price down. This is done by using electricity when it’s cheapest, usually at night. To see the current price, you can use Tibbler. While it doesn’t show our exact price, it provides a comparison with other times. Here are some tips to reduce consumption and lower the average price:

  • Use the timer function on the dishwasher and washing machine to run them when prices are lowest.
  • Run only full loads to reduce the number of uses.
  • Use timers on lights for longer periods.
  • Turn off lights when leaving a room.
  • Air dry clothes on a rack instead of using a dryer.


Silverfish continue to be an ongoing problem. Unfortunately, they are challenging to eliminate unless we all pitch in. Therefore, it’s crucial to contact Anticimex if you have silverfish in your apartment. This is not only to receive free non-toxic traps but also to help us assess the extent of the problem. Everyone (even those without silverfish issues) can help prevent infestations by:

  • Keeping the space clean and vacuumed regularly.
  • Avoiding leaving books, papers, or clothes on the floor for extended periods.
  • Keeping the kitchen and bathroom as dry as possible.

Currently, work is underway to inventory common areas for a sanitation process. However, since silverfish can move between apartments, it’s a challenging task without everyone’s cooperation.

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