Newsletter December 2023

Dear Members,

Moving forward, we will regularly update the website with more information, so please visit it periodically. We will also post notifications on Facebook for updates. Not a member of our Facebook group? Search for BRF Barkarby Metropol, and you’ll find us there.

New Articles of Association

We appreciate those who attended the extraordinary meeting on 6/11 where the new articles of association were decided. You can read the new articles on our website.

Change of Door Code

From 11/12, new door codes will be in effect. An separate email has been sent with the codes for each door. Haven’t received an email? Please check that your details are updated on

Garage Break-in

As previously communicated, there has been a break-in in the garage, and the incident has been reported to the police. We are actively working to review security to ensure this does not happen again. It is crucial that we all collaborate to prevent unauthorized access to the property. Do not let anyone in unless you are certain they reside in the building.

Garage Door

In our new garage door, there is a regular door included. We appreciate if all pedestrians use the door to extend the lifespan of the garage door and reduce potential issues.

Fire Safety

On December 1st, it was Fire Alarm Day, a reminder to check that our smoke alarms are functioning. Christmas is the peak time for fires, so here’s an additional reminder to ensure your smoke alarm is working. According to the articles of association, as a resident, you are responsible for ensuring your smoke alarm functions. If the smoke alarm in your apartment stops working, you need to buy a new one. Also, remember to extinguish candles when leaving the room for a peaceful and pleasant holiday. Check the bulletin board in the entrance for instructions on how to act in case of a fire.


We have a contract with Bahnhof, which extends for approximately 3 more years. The decision to use Bahnhof was made unanimously two years ago. If you experience issues with the service, it’s crucial to report them to Bahnhof so that we can understand the extent of the problem. Note that Bahnhof does not guarantee flawless service without interruptions if using something else than a cable, so using the recommended cable ensures the best performance.

Maintenance Requests

Sometimes maintenance requests need to be made. We all need to collaborate in reporting when things are not functioning correctly. Depending on the issue, you should contact different parties; all contact details are available on our website under the ”maintenance request” tab. If no one reports a maintenance issue, it will not be addressed, so don’t assume someone else will report it.

If a maintenance request is made to D2, and it turns out to be user error, the apartment owner will be charged for the investigation and actions. Other issues within the association’s responsibility will be covered by the association.


The board continues to actively work against unauthorised subletting for the well-being and safety of all.